Turtle In My Soup


I went to a restaurant,

To get some soup.

Finally it came,

And I took a big scoop,

But in my spoon,

Was something green.

I said, “Is that a turtle,

Or a big, fat bean?”

Then out came four little feet,

And one little head.

“Hello,” it spoke.

“Hello,” I said.

I went to a restaurant,

To eat some Chicken Noodle,

But in my soup bowl,

I found a little poodle.

He was real small,

The size of my thumb,

So I pulled him out,

And fed him a crumb.

I went back to that restaurant,

And ordered the Clam Chowder,

And when it came out,

I had to laugh a little louder.

I couldn’t help,

I had to laugh,

Cause in my bowl,

Was a tiny giraffe.

I ate at that restaurant,

For three years and a day.

Then I opened a zoo,

And made people pay,

To come and see,

All the tiny beasts,

I had pulled from my soup,

During all those feasts.

Trusting God

Finding a turtle in your soup is a pretty bad thing, but in

the story the little bad things that kept happening turned

out for the good. If you have given your life to Jesus and are

walking with Him, you can trust God that He is able to turn

any bad thing that happens to you to your good. Listen to

the Bible in Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things

God works for the good of those who love him, who have

been called according to his purpose.”

Copyright three-thirty ministries, 2008.