Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters
You will need:
A Bible marked at Romans 5:8.
Family Competition #1
See who can say “Unique New York” the most times correctly
in 10 seconds. Let each family member try.
Family Competition #1
See who can say “Red Leather, Yellow Leather” the most
times back to back without making a mistake. Let each family
member try a few times
SAY: It might seem impossible to say “Unique New York” or
“Red Leather, Yellow Leather,” but it’s not—it just takes
ASK: Why do you think it’s impossible for a person to be good
enough to go to heaven? (Because none of us are perfect like
God is perfect. We’ve all made mistakes.)
SAY: Because we’ve all made mistakes, we all need Jesus as
our Savior. Since Jesus died to pay the price for all the wrong
things we’d ever do, He provides a way for us to be forgiven
and go to heaven by giving our lives to Him.
READ: Romans 5:8 from your Bible.
PRAY— List prayer requests below and thank Jesus for dying
to make a way for us to be forgiven and go to heaven.
Copyright three-thirty ministries, 2008 ●
Family Prayer Requests
List prayer requests below: