I want to invite each of you to covenant with me to read through the New Testament this year as a church family.  I pray you will join me in this year-long journey as we read God’s Word together.
                                                                         Pastor Jack McCarty, Senior Pastor
Each month we will post the reading plan for the month.  We are also including three questions you may use after each day’s reading for application.
What does the passage teach me about who God is?
(This question keeps us centered on the purpose of the Word and makes it about Him, not us.)
What does the passage teach me about who I am in light of who God is?
(Only after we have focused on who God is are we prepared to move toward any application to ourselves.)
What does the passage teach me about how I should live in light of who God is and who I am?
(This question gives us the opportunity to begin applying the truths of the text to our own lives, while being careful not to insert ourselves into stories that aren’t about us.)
Week 1
January 4          Luke 1
January 5          Luke 2
January 6.         Luke 3
January 7          Luke 4
January 8          Luke 5
Week 2
January 11         Luke 6
January 12         Luke 7
January 13         Luke 8
January 14         Luke 9
January 15         Luke 10
Week 3
January 18         Luke 11
January 19         Luke 12
January 20         Luke 13
January 21         Luke 14
January 22         Luke 15
Week 4
January 25         Luke 16
January 26         Luke 17
January 27         Luke 18
January 28         Luke 19
January 29         Luke 20