You will need
1 cup of flour 1/3 cup of salt 1/3 cup of water A Bible marked at John 1:1-3
Get Started
Set out 1 cup of flour, 1/3 cup of salt and 1/3 cup of water.
ASK—What do you think we’re going to make? (Modeling Clay.)
SAY—We have all the right ingredients to make exactly what we want. We have a
plan. We know what we’re going to make and we’re putting everything we need
inside it to make it just right. God has a plan for you too. When God made you, He put
inside you everything He wanted for you to be the unique person and special person
that He wanted you to be.
Mix these ingredients and let your kids squish the dough in their hands for 5 minutes.
While they mix the dough…Read Jeremiah 29:11 from your Bible.
SAY—God created you special and has great plans for your life.
ASK—How do you think God has made you special?
SAY—Tell your children ways that you see they are special and unique—Everything
from their fingerprints to the things they love and the things they do. Nobody who has
ever lived is just like them and nobody can exactly do what God has created them to
do. They are special!
After the dough is ready, spend some time making Thing-A-Ma-Jiggers (special
creations). If you want, even give your creations names, such as a Rabgiraphantoose
which would be a creation with a Rabbit head, a giraffe neck, an elephant body, and
moose legs. Let your kids make whatever they want however they want.
Introduce your creations…Then Read John 1:1-3. Tell your kids that “The Word” refers to
KEY POINT: God made everything and God made you special.
SAY—Of all God’s creatures great and small, God loves you the most of all.
PRAY—And thank God that He made you and your kids special that He has great
plans for all of you. Pray also that your children will always follow Jesus.
(This is also a great time to list Family Prayer Requests in the designated area on the
next page.)
Copyright three-thirty ministries, 2008.