The Shield

The Shield
You will need:
A pillow for each member of your family.
A Bible marked at Psalm 18:1-4.
A Bible marked at 1 Peter 5:7.
Pillow Fight—Part 1
Have a family pillow fight—Set boundaries, clear an area and
have fun. You may also want to set limits depending on the
age of your children.
Take a break, sit on your pillows and ASK: What was your
pillow made for?
SAY: Our pillows were made for sleeping, not fighting. Of
course it is fun to use them for a good fight, but you’d never
really win a fight if all you had was a pillow. Why? That’s not
what it was made for. Imagine an army going into battle, all
carrying fluffy pillows—that’s crazy!
SAY: Just like our pillows were made for a reason, God made
you for a reason too. He has great plans for your life and
everything you’ve ever wanted in life is found only in Christ.
Pillow Fight Instructions—Part 2
Have one family member protect another during the pillow
fight. Then take turns protecting each other.
SAY: God’s purpose for you is to give your life to Jesus and
follow Him every day in every way. When you do this, you can
know that God is a shield for you. God becomes your personal
READ: Psalm 18:1-4 from your Bible.
SAY: God cares about everything in your life. Because of this,
you can give your cares to God because He cares for you.
READ: 1 Peter 5:7 from your Bible.
PRAY—List your family’s “cares” or prayer requests below and
thank God for making you special, for being your shield and for
always taking care of you.Family Prayer Requests
List prayer requests below:
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