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Sheltering in God by Dr. David Jeremiah

The following is from the Devotional “Trusting in God.” As you read this think of the appointments you will have to worship privately and corporately- is it about receiving or giving? Bro Jack
Read Mark 4:21-25
Balance in Life
“Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given-and you will receive even more” (Mark 4:24)
There is always balance in life: What we receive unfailingly depends on what we give. It is true of a study of the Bible. We often feel that there are certain parts of the Bible we cannot relate to. If, however, we study these parts, they are often the sections that yield the richest harvest. A superficial study of any topic doesn’t really interest us, while intensive study always excites and fascinates.
 The perfect church service would be one we were almost unaware of: our attention would have been on God. —- C.S. Lewis
 It is especially true of worship. The more we bring to the house of the Lord in worship, the more we get out of it. There are wrong ways in which we go the house of the Lord. We might go only to receive . It is then that we criticize the organist, the choir and the preacher. We see the whole service as a performance that is presented to entertain us. No, we must be willing to give. We must remember that worship is a corporative act. It is also wrong t go to church without any expectations at all. It might just be a custom in our lives. Then we go without expecting anything; the result of habit or routine. We should remember that we go to church to meet with God and when that happens, anything can happen. 
We may also go without preparing our thoughts or our hearts. Often we are in such a rush simply to get there in time. We need to meet God in prayer before going to church and asking for His blessing on our gathering.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for moments of worship where I am blessed by meeting with God.
for King & Country-TOGETHER

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Pastor Rick Warren creates ‘QUARANTINE SHAKE’ for children during virus pandemic! CHECK IT OUT HERE!


Below are Guidelines for First Baptist Church:
  • On-line services will continue for those who may be high-risk or unable to attend our services.
  • Anyone with a recent fever, symptoms, or contact with positive patient, please worship with us on-line.
  • Six feet physical distancing except for family groups.  (chairs will be spaced out)
  • Face coverings (masks are suggested/encouraged but optional) at all times inside by anyone ten years old and       older.  (Worship leaders and singers will be without masks – 12′ from audience for the safety of others)
  • No handshaking or hugging.
  • Entry doors will remain open until services begin and will re-open and remain open as people depart.
  • Tables available with hand sanitizer and masks.
  • Please use paper towels to open and close restroom doors.  Use soap and hand sanitizer in restrooms.
  • No nurseries or classes available for children during this time.
  • FBC Kidz Bags for children preschool through fourth grade will be available as children walk into the service.          Activities, snack and a worship guide for each pastor’s message will be in the bags.
  • Facilities will be sanitized each week.  
These guidelines are from Governor Hutchinson.  (Sonny Tucker, Ex. Dir. ABSC, helped compile these.)
Thank you for your patience and for helping us care for each other – providing a safe place.
Excited to worship together in person!
Bro. Jack