Worship Ministry

Every human being was created to worship  Each of us is wired for it by our Creator.  Worship is the necessary response to any great thing. What we say when we worship that great thing of our choosing is you are most valuable to me and worthy of my full attention, love and devotion.  Plainly put, worship is placing our highest value on the one thing that satisfies us most, and then spending our effort, time and thoughts to express it.  Anything can hold high worth or value in our life but only One thing can truly satisfy, and that is Christ. Our aim in worship ministry is to lead others to see and experience Jesus and His love and to then help them respond to Him in true worship. We desire to cultivate a culture of worship that spans each part of the community that we are a part of (private/personal, home/family, corporate/church body). Choosing to be a true worshipper is a daily decision.  As believers, we must decide whether or not we are going to choose to respond to Gods worth. It’s a choice that we are faced with moment by moment, in the midst of our circumstances, good and bad.