Van Ministry

First Baptist Church has one of the largest children’s and student ministries in this area.  We pick up nearly 150 children and students each Wednesday evening.  We have a fleet of eight vans. All vans run through the school year and ONLY IN TOWN vans run MAY THROUGH AUGUST.. Our vans are labelled with pictures of animals to make them easily identifiable by young children.  If you would like to inquire about having one of our vans pick up your students please contact the office of First Baptist Church @ 877.834.2585. If your child needs a ride, you must contact the church prior to Wednesday of the week they wish to ride.


Bear Van | In-Town Route (North of War Eagle Ave.)

bearThis route serves all in town locations north of War Eagle Avenue, including the Rockwood sub-division, Ridgeway Apartments, College Avenue Apartments, War Eagle Villa & Apartments Community and the development surrounding Watson Primary School and Huntsville Elementary School. It is driven by Dale Dotson,Haley or Chloe Honeycutt [riders] Bud Kivell and Kenny Brown.

Tiger Van | In-Town Route (South of War Eagle Ave.)

tigerThis route serves all in town locations south of War Eagle Avenue, including all Governor’s Hill sub-divisions, locations near Huntsville Middle and High Schools, the Great Adventure Skating Co., and Madison Estates Apartment community.  This route is driven by Ashley Foster.


Dog Van | Forum-Alabam Route

dogThis route serves areas north of Huntsville towards the Forum and Alabam Communities. We pick up students along Highway 412 west of Huntsville, Highway 127 between Alabam and Forurm as well as Highway 23 North of Huntsville to the Forum and Clifty communities. This route is driven by Jared Henry & Anna Hunt.


Monkey/Owl Van | Wesley Route/Cobb Creek

monkeyThis route serves areas west of Huntsville towards the Wesley communites.  We travel many county roads in this area located off of Highway 74 West. This route also serves the Cobb Creek, Japton and Georgetown communites. It is driven and the Owl van is driven by Dawn Rodriguez.

Fish Van | 412 West Route

owlThis route serves areas northwest of Huntsville towards the Hindsville community.  Students who live along Highway 412 west of Huntsville towards Hindsville ride this route.  This route is driven by Lizzy Ramirez and Jana Ramirez.


Relief Route

This route typically only runs after our Wednesday Night activities.  It is designed to provide additional room for our out-of-town routes.  This route is flexible and can be used to support any of our out-of-town routes, therefore, no student is assigned to this route but rather may be temporarily re-assigned to this van from time to time just before the time of departure from First Baptist.  When routes are split so that the relief route can assist a standard route, they are split by geographic location and the relief route generally takes the students that are located closest to Huntsville.