Light Please

Light Please
You will need
A Bible marked at Philippians 4:13
Get Started
Choose an item to hide in your child’s room. Show it to them,
then go in their room, close the door and hide it. When you
come out, ask them how quickly they think they can find it.
Then tell them that you’re going to turn the lights out and
they’ll have to search in the dark. Let them search for a minute
and then give them a flashlight. If you have more than one
child, let them search one at a time.
After the searching is done and the item is found, sit down as
a family with the flashlight in the dark room.
SAY: The Bible says the world is full of darkness (bad things)
but that Jesus is the light of the world. Just like I helped you
when I brought you the flashlight, you can help others by
telling them about Jesus. You found what you were looking
because I gave you the light. Jesus, who is the light of the
world, is what everyone is looking for in life and they can find
Him when you show them the way.
Big Questions
What’s one way you can show Jesus to others? (Talk
about Him, live for Him, invite others to church, tell people
Jesus loves them, pray with people who are hurt or sad, etc.)
Who is someone with whom you can share Jesus’ love?
(Grandparents, a teacher, a friend, etc.)
Bible Story
Jesus sent His disciples to tell others the “Good News,” but He
never sent them alone. Today, even if you’re by yourself,
you’re never alone when you’re telling someone about Jesus.
The Lord is right there with you and He’ll always give you the
strength to do anything He wants you to do.
READ: Philippians 4:13
PRAY— List prayer requests below and thank God that He will
always give you the strength to do everything He’ll ever ask
you to do.
Family Prayer Requests
List prayer requests below:
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