Fun Hair Night

Fun Hair Night
You will need
Cosmetic Items to create fun hair-dos
A Bible marked at Acts 10:1-19
Get Started
Take turns creating fun, new hair-dos for your family. Your kids
will especially enjoy doing this to you! If you want, you might
even want to purchase some temporary hair color to add to
your kid’s hair. (Walmart carries some for less than $2, but if
you do this be sure to read the directions carefully.)
SAY: We all look a little different, but this change won’t last.
When Jesus comes into a person’s life, though, He brings a
change that lasts forever.
ASK: How do you think Jesus changes people’s lives? (He
forgives their sins, takes away the guilt of sin, gives people a
new life; they can know for sure they’re going to heaven;
people live differently when they are walking with God.)
Read Acts 10:1-19
ASK: What difference do you think Jesus made in Paul’s
life? (Paul had hurt, mistreated, and even killed Christians,
but after he committed his life to Christ, he became one of the
greatest heroes of the Bible. He spent the rest of his life
sharing Jesus with others and he even wrote over half of the
New Testament. What a difference!)
SAY: Jesus is so great, who wouldn’t want Him in their lives!
PRAY— List prayer requests below and thank God for the
difference Jesus makes in life.
Family Prayer Requests
List prayer requests below:
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