This past Sunday we celebrated Easter – our Risen Savior!  Who gives us:
*  A Living Hope
*  A Lasting Joy
*  An Eternal Peace
WEDNESDAY    4/15/20
Read John 16:16-18    A Living Hope
The disciples were confused with Jesus’ words – they would not understand until after the resurrection that they had a Living Hope in a Resurrected Jesus!  1 Peter 1:3
How does the resurrection – knowing you have a risen Savior – a Living Hope – impact:
*Your Life 
*Your Decisions
*Your Actions
*Your Attitude
*Your Witness
THURSDAY    4/16/20
Read John 16:19-22    A Lasting Joy
Jesus is explaining to His disciples and to us that we can experience a joy in the midst of all that is going on around us.
How can we experience joy in the middle of uncertainty – trials – sadness?
Read Philippians 4:4-8
Remember Paul is writing this letter to the church while in prison.  (facing death)  Joy is not dependent on our circumstances, but in a Living Hope – Jesus Christ!  An ultimate joy that comes from Christ dwelling in us!
Identify something that is consuming you with worry and anxiety!
Spend time praying about this and giving it to the Lord.  During this time, praise the Lord for His love and presence in your life.
How vital is trust in your relationship with the Lord?
What is the greatest enemy to joy in your life?
Who has control of your life?
FRIDAY    4/17/20 
Read John 16:31-33    An Eternal Peace
What does it mean to you knowing Christ has overcome – that He was victorious when He rose from the grave!  That we can experience that victory – that peace?
Read John 20:19-22
The disciples are scared – in hiding behind locked doors when Christ appears.  Twice He says “Peace be with you!”
How do you think this impacted the disciples 2000 years ago?  How does this impact you today?
Read Philippians 4:4-8 again.
Paul speaks of experiencing God’s peace that exceeds anything we can understand.
Describe the peace that only Christ can give!
How does experiencing this peace – trusting the Lord with your life – giving Him control, impact your heart and mind?
A Living HopeA Lasting Joy – and Eternal Peace because of the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!
SATURDAY    4/18/20
Read 1 Peter 2:1-10
What is God saying in this passage?
How does it apply to your life?
How important is the Word in your life?
What is the meaning of Living Stones?
Spend time in prayer – asking the Lord to speak to you in this passage and to pray for the message Sunday morning at 11:00 AM.