WEDNESDAY 4/1/20 1 PETER 1:6


In verse 1:6 Peter this you rejoice.  To what is he referring? 


Identify a trial you are experiencing or have experienced in the past. 


How has the trial impacted your walk with the Lord? 


How important is your relationship with Jesus Christ as you walk through these times? 


How has this situation affected your personal spiritual life? 




THURSDAY 4/2/20 1 PETER 1:7


What role does Peter say trials play in our lives? (1:7) 


Look up the following verses and note what each adds to your understanding of the purpose of trials in our lives. 

James 1:2-4, Romans 5:3-4, Romans 8:18 


Identify someone in your life that you consider a humble, committed follower of Christ!  Did trials in their life have a major part in shaping their walk with the Lord? 


The precious ore is placed in the furnace to eliminate impurities.  (1:7)  Have you gone through an experience realizing some things in your life need to change or were not that important? 




FRIDAY 4/3/20 1 PETER 1:8-12


Think of the difference it makes when we passionately love the Lord, trust Him, and rejoice in Him in the midst of our trials——having faith that our future is in His Hands, assured of our salvation and our eternity with with Him! 


Describe how the Lord has helped you through a difficult time in your life. 


Spend time praising the Lord for how He has been with you in the difficult times and during the present crisis we are experiencing. 


Spend time praying that the lost will find a Living Hope in Jesus Christ as we are experiencing this worldwide pandemic. 


Pray that the gospel will give people the hope, peace, and salvation that only the Lord can provide. 





Read 1 PETER 1:13-25 


Pray for the Lord to speak to you through this passage. 


Pray for the message Sunday morning at 11:00 AM online. 


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