Dealing With Fear

Dealing with fear

Have you ever felt afraid? Maybe it was the first day of school. Perhaps you were moving to someplace new, or you heard that someone you love had become very sick? We all feel afraid at timesbut fear sure isn’t a feeling we enjoy. Our stomach gets into a knot, our hands start to sweat, and all we want to do is feel normal again. 

So why does God allow this to happen?

How our bodies work 

When we feel afraid like this, our bodies go into something called the flight or fight response. This means that we’re responding to something that feels harmful to us, with an urgency to either run away or fight back. That is why our hearts start to beat really fast! 

When we’re in danger, it’s good to be afraid (like when we’re running away from a wild animal). Other times, fear isn’t good—when we think something bad may happen while there’s absolutely no reason for us to be afraid. 

What kinds of things can make us feel afraid?

  • Being left in the dark or alone somewhere
  • When someone becomes very sick
  • Worrying about our safety
  • Not being liked by our friends
  • Going to school or taking a test
  • Having a bad dream
  • Going to the doctor or dentist
  • Seeing a scary animal or insect
  • Traveling someplace new

What does God want

Even when these things make us feel afraid, God doesn’t want us feeling this way. In the bible, God says He did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and self-control (read 2 Timothy 1:7). When we feel afraid, God is in control. He wants us to learn how to be brave! God will give us peace, but he will also teach us how to use our powerful minds to think of good and true thoughts that will help calm our bodies down. He knows us very well.

Having self-control

Self-control means the ability to control our feelings without anyone’s else’s help. When we feel afraid, it is important to learn how to have self-control. This means we can choose what we think about and do. What good thing can you think about that will calm you down? What things can you remember about God that will remind you that He is with you?

What to do the next time I feel afraid

Talking about why you feel afraid is a good start. Telling a friend, teacher, or parent what it is that is making you feel afraid will help get those icky feelings that you feel inside, out! Tell them how you’re still learning to be brave.

Praying to God is also the best way to practice being brave. When you feel afraid of something, tell God about the situation so that He can give you peace.

Going on a walk, drawing a picture, or listening to music can help calm you down the next time you feel afraid. These are great ways to practice self-control.  

Get rid of things that don’t need to be there. Sometimes we have control over a situation and can make changes to the thing that is making us feel afraid. It is good to make these adjustments so that you will feel less anxious!