BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! 2 Peter 2:1-9 August 25-29

TUESDAY  8/25/20  2 Peter 2:1-9
How would you feel if you invested all of your savings in a fraudulent company?  You lost all you had saved for the future?
How would you feel if your friend, husband or wife, or your children were led astray by a false teacher?  Following a counterfeit belief?
What are some of the false teachings in our culture today?
How are these teachings affecting the Church today?
Read 2 Peter 2:1-3 – Four Tactics of False Prophets
  • What do false prophets bring in? ____________________ verse 1
  • What do false prophets deny? ____________________ verse 1
  • What do false prophets follow/pursue? ____________________ verse 2
  • False prophets are consumed with ____________________! verse 3                                                                    
Spend time today praying for the Word and the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and discernment in today’s culture and teaching — revealing Truth and discerning false words.
WEDNESDAY  8/26/20  2 Peter 2:1-9
False teachers exploit you with false words (from the Greek word “plastos” – from which we get the English word “plastic“) that can be twisted to mean anything they want!  verse 3
False teachers follow the same pattern as Satan when he deceived Eve – Genesis 3:1-6.
  • First – He questioned God’s Word.  Genesis 3:1
  • Second – He denied God’s Word.  Genesis 3:4
  • Third – He substituted his own lie.  Genesis 3:4                                                                                                
Identify a false teaching you have heard or experienced that follows these three steps.
Why are people accepting these teachings?
THURSDAY  8/27/20  2 Peter 2:1-9
Read 2 Timothy 4:3-4
How important is doctrine?  Sound teaching?
Why do some churches (people) desire to hear things that will not challenge or convict?
Describe teachings that are considered comfortable – non-challenging – requiring very little commitment.
What is the end result of false teaching?  2 Peter 2:3b, 4-6
Peter gives three examples of judgement.
  • verse 4 ____________________
  • verse 5 ____________________
  • verse 6 ____________________
Describe the world before the flood!
Describe the morals of Sodom and Gomorrah!
Contrast these two examples to today’s culture and morals.
Spend time praying that individually and as a church we will stand firm on the Word of God.
*That the value of doctrine and sound teaching will be taught in the home and the church.
FRIDAY  8/28/20  2 Peter 2:1-9
Jesus Christ – “A Living Hope”  1 Peter 1:3-4, John 14:1-6
True believers delivered!  2 Peter 2:5-9a
Why were Noah and Lot delivered from judgement?
Define compromise!
Why do we see believers compromising their faith?
What are some of the influences/temptations that cause people to compromise?
Why do some churches compromise their teaching?
Spend time today praying that the Lord will give you the desire to spend time in the Word and prayer pursuing Truth/Jesus Christ!
Pray that any temptation to compromise will be defeated by the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life and the Church!
SATURDAY  8/29/20  2 Peter 2:1-9
Verse nine says “the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials,”
There is hope in Jesus Christ!  1 Thessalonians 5:9-10
Spend time today thanking the Lord for the salvation He has given us through Jesus Christ!
Pray for Sound Doctrine and Teaching!
Pray for the message tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.  2 Peter 2:10-16  “Marked Men”

WAKE UP AND REMEMBER 2 Peter 1:12-21

TUESDAY 8/18/20
In verses 12 through 15 Peter makes the following statements:
“I intend to always remind”
“To stir up (arouse) by way of reminder”
“I will make every effort so that after my departure you may be able at any time to recall these things.”
Peter is speaking of the qualities a Christian is to pursue in verses 5 through 7.
Faith – Goodness – Knowledge – Self-control – Steadfastness – Godliness – Kindness – Love
Give at least three possible reasons Peter stressed the importance of remembering and living out these qualities.  (Read 2 Peter 1:1-21)
1.  ______________________
2.  ______________________
3.  ______________________
There are at least eight or more reasons/benefits.)
Spend time in prayer today for the desire to pursue these qualities – pursuing a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
WEDNESDAY  8/19/20  2 Peter 1:12-21
Think of how much time you spend reading the Bible each week.  There are 168 hours in a week, so what percentage of your time do you spend in God’s Word?
If we truly value God’s Word, why don’t we spend more time in it?  Explain.
What do you think happens to Christians when they stop spending time reading the Word?  To a church?  To yourself?
What does the image of the lamp in Psalm 119:105 mean?  
How have you experienced (or not experienced) God’s Word serving in this way in your life?
Why do we often look for an emotional experience in our relationship with the Lord?
At church?  At an event?  Or even in our private life?
Explain/describe a true, life-changing encounter with the Lord.
Describe the difference between an emotional experience and a true, on-going encounter with the Lord.
Spend time today praying for a desire to be in the Word – Reading – Studying – Meditating – Praying!
THURSDAY  8/20/20  2 Peter 1:12-21
What is a false teacher?  How can you recognize one?
Why do people in the church as well as non-Christians “fall for” false teaching?
Identify a false teaching you have encountered or heard promoted in the past or present.
How did you know it was false teaching?
In verses 16 through 18 Peter states “we” (Peter, James, and John) were not only eye witnesses of His majesty, but also they heard the very voice of God – “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased.”
Read Luke 9:28-36 – The Transfiguration
What impact do you think the experience of the transfiguration had on Peter?  What impact does it have on you?
FRIDAY  8/21/20  2 Peter 1:12-21
Back to the Basics!
How important are the basics in sports?  Continuing on-going practice of the basics in any sport?  What if you spend very little time on training in the basics – skipping spring training or off-season?  What if you go straight into the season without any preparation?  Who wins?
Read 2 Peter 1:5-7 again!
Pursuing these qualities are necessary for a believer’s foundation – spiritual growth.
Have you ever been guilty of knowing something but failing to act on it?
Have you ever struggled with or failed to apply biblical characteristics or truth in making decisions?
Pursuing the basics in spiritual growth leads us to a greater understanding and a more intimate relationship with our Savior.
How does the Bible help us test cults and other religions?
Spend time praying today for a pursuit of the basics – building a foundation on Jesus Christ!
SATURDAY  8/22/20  2 Peter 1:12-21
What part does the Holy Spirit play in Bible study?
What are some ways we can get more involved with God’s Word?
Peter said “…I will make every effort so that after my departure you may be able at any time to recall these things.”
How important is it for you to pursue the basics and to build your foundation on Jesus Christ?
Please spend time praying for the message tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. – 2 Peter 2:1-9 – “Beware of Counterfeits”.

KNOWING AND GROWING 2 Peter 1:1-11, August 11 – 15

TUESDAY 8/11/20  2 Peter 1:1-11
1.  Do you ever feel inadequate or ineffective as a follower of Christ?
2.  If you have ever had these thoughts, what might be the cause of those feelings?
3.  How does Peter describe those to whom he is writing (2 Peter 2:1)?  If this applies to you, how does the truth           affect you?
4.  Describe God’s grace.
5.  Describe God’s peace.
6.  In verse 3, what kind of knowledge is Peter talking about?  Give some examples.
7.  Verse 3 also states “Grace and peace are to be multiplied to you”.  What does this mean to your spiritual                   journey?
WEDNESDAY 8/12/20  2 Peter 2:1-11
1.  Verses 4 and 5 speak of God’s promises.  What is the difference between the world’s promises and the promises       of God?
2.  Peter writes in verse 5 that we are to make every effort to respond to God’s promises.
     How serious are you in response to this statement?  Does your effort in pursuing God (spiritual growth) surpass         worldly pursuits in your life?
3.  We often use supplements or vitamins to enhance our physical health.  How much time do you put into                     supplementing your spiritual growth with the virtues/characteristics in verse 5 through 7?
4.  Spend time today praying through verses 5 through 7.  Ask the Lord to give you the desire to pursue these                 virtues; also to reveal to you a characteristic you need to grow in more at this point in your life.
THURSDAY 8/13/20  2 Peter 1:1-11
1.  The Lord provides the resources (supplements) for spiritual growth.
2.  What is our responsibility?
3.  What is faith?  Give some everyday examples of it.
4.  What is goodness?  Give some everyday examples of it.
5.  What is knowledge?  Give some everyday examples of it.
6.  What is self-control?  Give some everyday examples of it.
7.  What is steadfastness?  Give some everyday examples of it.
8.  What is godliness?  Give some everyday examples of it.
9.  What is kindness?  Give some everyday examples of it.
10.  What is love?  Give some everyday examples of it.
11.  How important are these characteristics to your spiritual growth?
FRIDAY 8/14/20  2 Peter 1:1-11
1.  In verses 5 through 7 Peter speaks of the characteristics we need to supplement our faith with – to pursue!
2.  What does verse 8 say about the fact that if we are growing in these qualities, what is the effect?
3.  How does this growth affect you personally – your marriage, family, and others you spend time with?
4.  What does verse 9 say about the person who fails to pursue and grow in these qualities?
5.  Why do so many individuals and churches seem to forget and take for granted what Christ has done for us?
6.  Spend time today in prayer thanking the Lord for your salvation – what He did for you.  (Romans 5:8, John 3:16)
SATURDAY 8/15/20  2 Peter 1:1-11
1.  In verse 10 Peter reminds us again to work hard – make every effort to be diligent in our pursuit of Christ (of             spiritual growth).
2.  What are the benefits of this pursuit during our time here on earth?
3.  What type of reward does Peter describe in verse 11 at the end of a believers’ life here on earth?
4.  Spend time today praying for a desire and commitment to pursuing Christ and these qualities.
     Also pray for the worship and the message tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m.
  •         Pray for Wes and the worship team.
  • Pray for Pastor Jack as he preaches.
  • Pray for the presence of God to overwhelm our hearts.
  • Pray for the qualities/virtues in verse 5 – 7 to be evident in our lives and our church.

A LIVING HOPE: Clothed In Humility – the Difference It Makes! 1 Peter 5:5-7

TUESDAY 7/7/20  1 Peter 5:5-7
How would you personally describe humility?
Describe the characteristics of someone who has been in your life and displayed humility.
D.L. Moody made the statement, “Be humble or you will stumble!”
Why would the lack of humility cause a person to stumble?
In verse five Peter motivates/tells the younger people in the church to submit/respect the Elders.
Why would this be important?
What do the elders (those who are older) offer to those younger and to the church?
Spend time today praying for the leadership at First Baptist Church and for those who are older.
WEDNESDAY 7/8/20  1 Peter 5:5-7
Peter continues in verse 6 saying to:  “clothe yourselves all with humility towards one another…”
What is the meaning of “clothe yourselves”?
Read Philippians 2:5-11
When Peter writes “all of you” he means the whole church (everyone) – …with humility towards one another…
The church is made up of all ages – all generations.  What would the younger generation have to offer to the church and to older generations?
Peter challenges all of us to show humility towards each other.  What would our church look like with all ages showing humility towards each other?
Read John 13:1-13.
Spend time today praying for humility individually and as a church family.  Pray that the spirit of humility would result in lives being changed and the glory of God being lifted up in Madison County.
THURSDAY 7/9/20  1 Peter 5:5-7
In the last part of verse five, Peter said, “…for God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”
Why does God oppose the proud?
Read Luke 14:11, James 4:6.
Why is humility essential to our relationship with God?  (our conversion and our spiritual growth)
Why does God oppose/hate pride?
Read 1 John 2:16.
What are some of the characteristics of a prideful person?
How does pride hinder our relationships with God?  With other people?  How can pride affect a church?
The old and the young (all ages) are to have the action of submission and the attitude of humility!
Spend time today asking the Lord to reveal to you any prideful areas in your life that are a hindrance to relationships and most of all to your spiritual growth.
FRIDAY 7/10/20  1 Peter 5:5-7
What is the meaning of verse six?
How important is it that we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God?
What does humbling yourself under God’s mighty hand look like in your life?
Describe the meaning of “the mighty hand of God.”
What are some of the reasons for us to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God?
Verse six ends with “…so that at the proper time He may exalt you,”
Describe the difference between your timing and God’s timing.
Do you struggle with the idea of waiting on God’s timing?
Why is it vital we meet the conditions of verses five and six enabling us to claim the promise of verse seven?
Verse seven “casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.”
“Casting” means throwing – giving.
List the anxieties or worries you have at this time (struggles, stress).
Identify your anxieties and worries.
Describe how your anxieties/worries are presently affecting you.  (or in the past)
Has it had an impact on others – your marriage – family – friends – your relationship with the Lord?
What would happen if you cast all (give to the Lord) your anxieties and worries?
ow would it impact your health – your relationships – and especially your relationship with the Lord?
What will it take for you to do it?
Imagine how your life would be impacted.  (and others)
Humility of mind is protection against anxiety!  Read Philippians 4:6-7.
Why should we?  “…because He cares for you.”
It’s your choice!
  • The action of submission!
  • The attitude of humility!
  • Under the mighty Hand of God!
Close today praying for God to reveal your anxieties/worries and to give you the desire and humility to cast/give them to the Lord!
SATURDAY 7/11/20
Read through 1 Peter 5:8-9
Apply these verses to your life.
Identify your struggles and spiritual warfare in your life.
How can you stand firm in the midst of temptations, evil, and chaos in our world today?
Pray for the service tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. 
“The State of the Church!”
Pray also for FBC KIDZ Hour at 12:00 Noon – ‘SuperHeroes.”

A LIVING HOPE: Profile of a Good Shepherd 1 Peter 5:1-4

TUESDAY 6/30/20
This week we are looking at the profile (characteristics) of spiritual leaders in the home and the church.
Throughout the scriptures the Lord gives us a picture of a shepherd caring for – tending – feeding- guiding and protecting his flock of sheep, showing us the necessity and responsibilities of spiritual leadership (the shepherd) and the characteristics and needs of the family and the church (sheep).
Characteristics of Actual Sheep!
Slow to learn, stubborn, tends to wander off from the protection of the shepherd, no sense of direction, unpredictable, restless, demanding, dirty, panics, requires discipline, and even suffering at times learning to obey!
Do you see any similarities in ourselves – our families – Christians – our churches?  Are there any characteristics that might apply more to yourself or your situation (family/church)?
Give the characteristics of an effective spiritual leader in the home (marriage/family).
In the Church.
In closing today, read Psalm 23 – apply to your life and pray through it.
Profile of a Good Shepherd 1 Peter 5:1-4
Peter writes in verse one to exhort – honor – respect elders.  Why would he write this to us, the church – then and today?
Why would this be important?
An elder is someone older, maturing, and with wisdom.  (wisdom being the main characteristic)
Think of someone who has been in your life or is in it who impacted your life with wisdom.  (Normally wisdom comes with time and life experiences)
Describe the individual (or individuals).
Elders were the spiritual leaders of the church and Peter identifies himself as one.  A pastor today would be considered a teaching elder and a shepherd.  The word “elder” would also apply to other spiritual servants of the church. (and can also be a model for spiritual leaders/servants in the home).  Titus 1:5-9
Peter also identifies himself as a “witness” and that he will also share in the Glory of Jesus Christ.
Peter had to learn to stand firm in an evil world in the thirty years since the crucifixion and resurrection.  Think of his short-comings years before and how the Lord brought him to the point of sharing wisdom and writing these letters to the churches.
What keeps us from listening and seeking wisdom?  Ask yourself.  How close is your personal relationship with the Lord?  Are you walking with Him and growing in Him?
Spend today praying for a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that He will give you the wisdom you need for this life.
Profile of a Good Shepherd 1 Peter 5:1-4
As you read verses two and three today, apply it to the shepherd of a church and to the spiritual leader of the home.
Describe how each of the following should be carried out in the home and the church.
Acts 20:28
Leading/Caring For
John 15:3-7, Proverbs 3:5-6
Be An Example
John 13:15, Mark 10:42-44, 1 Timothy 4:12
As you close in prayer today, read the “Fruit of the Spirit” – Galatians 5:22-23.  How important is it that we pursue these characteristics as a shepherd and part of the flock?
FRIDAY 7/3/20
Profile of a Good Shepherd 1 Peter 5:1-4
After reading this passage today and concentrating on verse four, what should our motivation be?
Read 1 Corinthians 9:25 and James 1:12.
Verse four says “you will receive the unfading crown of glory” – eternal – unending – unchanging!
Spend time thinking what that means to you and pray for a Desire to Please Christ Alone!
Spend time today in prayer for:
  • Protection for the health of our members, their families and friends, and our nation from Covid-19.
  • Pray for our country!  Pray for the presence of God to overcome all of the evil and chaos!
  • Pray for spiritual leaders in our cities, states, and in Washington D.C.- that the Lord will give them wisdom               and boldness.
  • Pray for spiritual awakening across our country and throughout the world.
  • Pray for the message tomorrow (Sunday) on Humility (1 Peter 5:5-7).
  • Pray for an uncommon unity and a growing desire for the Lord among the people of First Baptist Church!
  • Pray that the distractions and changes will not hinder our spiritual growth but drive us deeper into the Arms of       the Lord!

A LIVING HOPE: Suffering As a Follower of Christ 1 Peter 4:12-19

TUESDAY 6/23/20   1 Peter 4:12-19
As you read this passage, identify times in the past when you may have experienced a certain amount of persecution (opposition or negative response) to your faith in Jesus Christ.  This could have been at work, school, neighborhood, and even within your family.
In verse 12 Peter writes that believers are not to be surprised, but expect suffering.
When a Christian grows in their spiritual life (growing in the fruit of the spirit – Galatians 5:22-23 – transforming into the “mind of Christ” – Romans 23:1-2), why does the non-believing world respond negatively to growing, authentic believers?
Verse 12 also speaks of trials that test us – trials that we face because of our faithfulness to God – not trials brought upon us due to our sins and disobedience.
Read 1 Peter 1:6-7.  Visualize the process of refining fires purifying precious metals – relate to believers walking through the trials (fires) of life.  How do they impact our spiritual lives?
Spend time today praying that you would have the same response Jesus would have as He faced persecution or opposition.  (The same heart and mind of Christ)  Don’t be surprised!  Expect suffering!
WEDNESDAY 6/24/20  1 Peter 4:12-19
In verses 13 and 14 Peter writes that we are to rejoice (2 times), be glad, and are blessed when we share in Christ’s sufferings.
Read Philippians 1:29, 3:10.
Why should we have the attitude described in verses 13 and 14?
Read Daniel 3:22-25, Isaiah 41:10 and Isaiah 43:2.  What encouragement do you find in these passages?  Why?
Read John 16:20-22.
How does the picture of a woman giving birth show how suffering can bring Glory to God?
Spend time praying today that the Holy Spirit would give you the strength you need to walk through trials (maybe a trial you are experiencing at this time.)  That during this time, you would bring Glory to the Lord!
THURSDAY 6/25/20  1 Peter 4:12-19
After reading verses 15 and 16, is there something that needs to change in your life?
Something that is bringing conflict or suffering due to disobedience or sin?
Is your interaction – reaction – attitude Christ-like in your day to day situations?
Verse 15 mentions meddler.  Does this apply to you?  (or has it in the past?)
Is your life glorifying the name of Christ?
Read Romans 1:16, Philippians 1:20-21, 2 Timothy 1:12.
Spend time praying today that you would bring Glory to the name — JESUS!
Examine your life – be selective!
FRIDAY 6/26/20  1 Peter 4:12-19
As you read verses 17 and 18, it is stated that judgment is to begin in the household of God.
God’s judgment is often pictured as beginning with God’s household, with His own people, as a means of purifying them.
How can this impact the lost?
Times of persecution are times of opportunity to witness to those who persecute.
Read Acts 16:16-40.
Think about the opportunity Paul and Silas seized to witness.
Spend time praying today that we would entrust (commit) our souls to God’s will while doing good.  (verse 19)
The Purging/Purifying work of God!  Committing to our creator – keep doing good!
SATURDAY 6/27/20  1 Peter 4:12-19
Spend time praying for First Baptist Church and yourself that we would passionately pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord that glorifies His name to a lost world.
Pray for desire – repentance – humility – commitment – uncommon unity and love.  Pray for a move of God in our lives and First Baptist Church that impacts Madison County and beyond!
Pray for the Worship Service tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. as we go through the passage of 1 Peter 5:1-4.

A LIVING HOPE: The Rest of Your Time! 1 Peter 4:7-11

TUESDAY 6/16/20
Verse 7 opens with “The end of all things is at hand;”
What is the meaning of this?
Christ came to earth 2,000 years ago and after 33 years, He died on a cross for our sins that we may choose forgiveness.  He died in our place that we could have a relationship with the Father.
The last days began at Christ’s coming 2,000 years ago and will end upon His return (second coming).  Read 1 Thessalonians 8:2, Matthew 24:36, Matthew 25:13.
No one knows the date and time of His return, but as Christians we should live each day as He is returning at anytime!
Describe how we should be using the rest of our time here on earth!  What do you think Christ desires from us?
Verse one also tells us to be self-controlled and sober-minded – for what reason?
Describe being sober-minded.
How important are these traits to your prayer life?
Describe the importance of prayer in your relationship with Jesus Christ and in making the most of the rest of your time for the Kingdom of God.
WEDNESDAY 6/17/20  1 Peter 4:7-11
Verse 8 says “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.” (ESV)
The key thought in verse 8 is “loving one another”!  How important is this to you – to our church – to Jesus Christ?
How can “loving one another” help us in times of suffering?
Read Mark 12:30-31, 1 Corinthians 13:13, Proverbs 10:12.
How can “loving one another” overcome conflict and disagreements?
How can “loving one another” help us forgive -having the same type of love Christ has for us?  John 13:34
“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  John 13:35 (ESV)
When the world sees us – the church living out this type of love – how might it impact them?
Think of one change you can make today to help invest more of your time in God’s work.
THURSDAY 6/18/20  1 Peter 4:7-11
“Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.”  1 Peter 4:9 (ESV)
Define hospitality.
When have you been shown hospitality in a time of need?
What is the difference between hospitality and entertaining?
How are some of the ways hospitality might cost you?  (financially, time, emotionally)
How might it impact the one or ones receiving the hospitality?
“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  John 13:35 (ESV)
Think of an opportunity or time you might show hospitality to someone in the near future.  
Pray for God to use you in this person’s (or persons’) life.
FRIDAY  6/19/20  1 Peter 4:7-11
In verse 9 it speaks of using our spiritual gift to save others.
Read Romans 12:4-8 and 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 to help identify your spiritual gift.
Are you using the spiritual gift the Lord has given you to serve others?
Every believer has at least one spiritual gift, given to us to serve others, by the Lord.  Some gifts are noticed and some are not; however, each gift is important and enables us to serve one another!
Where does our strength to serve come from?  (verse 11)
Working and serving together (and serving each other) as a body of believers (a church) glorifies the Lord!
Describe a church that serves one another, and the impact that has on those outside the Church.
Pray!  “…in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ.  To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever.  Amen.”  1 Peter 4:11b (ESV)
SATURDAY 6/20/20
Pray that you will become intentional in using your Time for the glory of God in these Last Days!
Pray Harder!
Love One Another!
Serve One Another!
For the Purpose of Glorifying God!
Pray for Sunday, June 21st, 11:00 a.m. message.  1 Peter 4:12-19
Pray for our Country!!!


TUESDAY 6/9/20  TIME – 1 Peter 4:1-6
  • How important is your TIME to yourself?
  • How important is your TIME as a follower of Christ to our heavenly Father?
  • Think about the previous day – did you waste any of your time?  What could you have done differently that would impact your relationship with the Lord?   
In verse one, Peter says we are to arm ourselves with the same way of thinking (attitude) as Jesus Christ.
Read Philippians 2:5-11, Romans 2:2, 1 Corinthians 2:16.
What happens when we begin to desire the “mind of Christ” – to follow His examples – to pursue the Fruit of the Spirit?  (Galatians 5:22-23)  
Spend time praying for the discipline and desire for the Holy Spirit to guide you and direct you in the Time you have left.
WEDNESDAY 6/10/20   TIME – 1 Peter 4:1-6
1 Peter 4:1 says we are to resist sin!  Identify sins or activities (or attitudes) you need to delete from your life.
If you commit to making these changes – resisting sin – how does this impact your time?
1 Peter 4:2 says we are to live the rest of our time for the Will of God!
What does the will of God mean to you?
y do we experience an ongoing battle between our will and pursuing (surrendering to) God’s will?  Identify your greatest area of struggle.  (If unable to, ask the Lord to reveal to you what you place over God’s will.  Matthew 6:33
How do you pursue and desire God’s will in your life?  Is it just something that happens?  What needs to take place in your heart – your relationship with Jesus Christ?
THURSDAY 6/11/20  TIME – 1 Peter 4:1-6
1 Peter 4:3 speaks of evil and immoral activities – how we are to let go the past!
What things in your past have you struggled with?  Has your past distracted you, kept you from growing spiritually or serving the Lord?
Satan often uses guilt to make us ineffective even after we have received forgiveness from the Lord!
Read Philippians 3:12-14.  Paul states we are to focus on “one thing” – Jesus Christ forgetting the past!
Spend time praying today that the Lord will give you the strength to let go of the past and pursue the will of God for the rest of your time.
FRIDAY 6/12/20  1 Peter 4:1-6
1 Peter 4:4-6 speaks of reaching the lost!  The gospel is to be preached to all the world!  Matthew 28:18-20
Do you have co-workers, neighbors, friends, or family members who do not understand your faith in Jesus Christ?  How do they respond to you!
Have compassion for them!  Pray for them!  Love them!  Serve them!  Have patience!  Continue to pray!
It is not our place to judge, but one day the Lord will judge both Christians and non-Christians.
Remember they are blind!  1 Corinthians 4:3-4  Remember they are dead!  Ephesians 2:1-2
They need truth – Light – Hope!
Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel!  Pray for the lost!
Pray for a sense of urging in our lives and our church to reach the lost!
Spend TIME today praying for the services tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. and the 12:00 PM FBC Kidz Hour.
Read and pray through 1 Peter 4:7-11.
Pray for our people to return to worship together in Spirit and in Truth!

A LIVING HOPE:The Ministry of Christ 1 Peter 3:18-22

TUESDAY 6/2/20  
Read 1 Peter 3:13-17 from last week.
Think of how this passage applies to your life personally.
  • How much harm or persecution for your faith have you experienced?
  • How did you respond?
  • Were you prepared?
What are your thoughts on verse 17?
If the possibility of suffering or persecution seems overwhelming, how does it compare to verse 18?
Read 1 Peter 3:18-22
Apply verse 18 to your life.  What does it mean to you personally?
Think of the suffering Christ did before the cross and on the cross –  (six illegal trials, betrayal, denial, falsely accused, beaten beyond recognition, mocking, and experiencing the horrible torture of the cross) – with the worst taking on the sins of the world and being separated from the Father.
Do you fully understand that Christ took our place – died for us – the righteous for the unrighteous?  This enables us to have a relationship with God the Father through the Sacrifice of His Son – Jesus Christ!
Hebrews 9:24:28, Ephesians 2:18, Ephesians 2:12
Read 1 Peter 3:18-22
Meditate on the statement, “The very worst thing that did happen became the very best thing that did happen.”
What does the Resurrection mean personally to you?  Hebrews 7:25, John 19:30
Why do we often struggle with living out our faith?  Do we live like we have a “Living Hope” in Jesus Christ?
Romans 8:18
Read Revelation 21:3-4 – Think of what we have ahead for us in Heaven!
FRIDAY 6/5/20
1 Peter 3:18-22
Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ we can share in the victory over death – over Satan.
How should you be living your life if you are a true follower of Christ?  Realize that He took our place so we can experience salvation and eternal life.
Noah built the ark for 120 years and never had a convert.  Hebrews 11:7 speaks of Noah’s faith – when from the outside it looks like he would be considered a failure.
The Lord desires our faithfulness – our total commitment – all of our heart!  How can we give Him anything less?  Read verse 18 again.
His suffering leads to Jesus being exalted!  Our suffering leads us to share in His Glory!
Our suffering is not worthy to be compared to the suffering of Christ!
Read Ephesians 6:10-18.  Pray for strength to stand firm in the Lord in the midst of spiritual warfare.
Read 1 Peter 4:1-11
Pray for understanding of this passage and how to live it out.
Pray for the services tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.

A LIVING HOPE: When Holiness Meets Opposition 1 Peter 3:13-17

TUESDAY 5/26/20
Review – Read 1 Peter 3:8-12
List the five characteristics in verse 8 that believers are to have.
Vs. 10  Why is the tongue so dangerous?
Give an example when your tongue got you in trouble or caused division.
Vs. 11  We are to be Peace Makers!
Read 1 Peter 3:13-17
Identify situations or environments in your life where non-believers are watching your actions and reactions to different circumstances.
How important is it as believers to live out 1 Peter 3:8-13 among other believers and in the presence of non-believers?
Think of the spiritual impact you can have on the church and as a witness to the lost.
WEDNESDAY 5/27/20  1 Peter 3:13-17
Vs. 13-14  Describe a situation in your life where you have experienced some type of opposition because you are a Christian.  (slander, negative responses- possibly affecting your position or status at work or school or your relationships)
Verse 14 says we will be blessed when we live righteously even if we suffer.  The blessings if not experienced now will come in eternity with our Heavenly Father. 
Have you experienced blessings in your life for living righteously – for doing good to believers and non-believers?  (Identify)
Identify a time or situation where you have served or helped in some way and did not receive a blessing.  Instead you experienced opposition and criticism.
If you could live out the situation again, would you still serve or help knowing there would not be any blessings now – possibly even experiencing opposition?
Read John 3:19-20, Ephesians 5:11-13
Light exposes darkness.  Righteousness exposes unrighteousness.
THURSDAY 5/28/20  1 Peter 3:13-17
Identify things you participate in that are good and helpful for others.  
Identify things the church (First Baptist Church) does to serve and help others.
Verses 14 and 15 “tells us not to fear or be troubled … but, in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy,” 
How difficult is this for you?
Can you explain/share with others why you believe what you believe?  We are to be ready – prepared to share with others.  
It is vital we share or hope in Jesus Christ with gentleness and respect.
FRIDAY 5/29/20  1 Peter 3:13-17
Verse 16 speaks of the importance to our spiritual life and the witness to others of having a good conscience!
Read Acts 23:1, 1 John 1:9, Proverbs 3:5-6, Philippians 4:6-7
After reading these passages, how important is it that we have clear consciences?
Identify things you are convicted of that need to be given to the Lord.
A clear conscience will help you face a hostile world – knowing the truth and living the truth even when attacked and slandered.
Spend time praying for a clear conscience that only the Lord can give you and the wisdom and boldness to share the hope you have in Jesus Christ.
SATURDAY 5/30/20
Read 1 Peter 3:18-22
Pray through this passage and pray for the worship service tomorrow, Sunday May 31st, at 11:00 a.m. in the Family Life Center.