A LIVING HOPE: Attraction! 1 Peter 3:8-12

TUESDAY 5/19/20  1 PETER 3:8-12
What type of people do you like to be around — spend time with?
What characteristics are in the lives of Christians that you like to spend time with?  Why do these characteristics attract you?
Describe the characteristics of someone who claims to be a Christian, but is someone who you do not desire to be around.
Describe a church that attracts — both the lost and believers.
In verse 8 Peter lists five characteristics all believers are to have.  Describe a church that lives out these five characteristics.
WEDNESDAY 5/20/20  1 PETER 3:8-13
Attitude!  Verse 8
Reading verse 8, put in your own words the meaning of each of the five characteristics.
  • Unity of Mind ______________________________________________
  • Sympathy _________________________________________________
  • Brotherly Love _____________________________________________
  • A Tender Heart _____________________________________________
  • A Humble Mind _____________________________________________
How important is it to you personally to have these characteristics?
How important is it for the Church to have these characteristics?  
Which characteristics do you need to work on personally?
Unity — Sympathy — Love As Brothers — Be Tender-Hearted — Humility — the Proof of Your Love 
John 13:34-35
THURSDAY 5/21/20  1 PETER 3:8-13
Our Response!  Verse 9
How do you respond when someone insults you?
How do you respond when someone criticizes you?
What if someone cheats you?  Lies about you?
We live in a culture that is often hostile towards believers!  Have you experienced criticism or opposition due to your faith in Jesus Christ?
In verse 9 what does Peter instruct believers to do in these situations?
Be intentional!  Follow Peter’s instructions in a situation as described above.  See what their response is.
FRIDAY 5/22/20  1 PETER 3:8-13
Our Motivation!  Verses 9-12
Verse 10 — Have you ever said things that you wish you could take back?
Read James 3:3-10
Why is the tongue so hard to control?
Why is the tongue so devastating when not controlled?
In verse 11 what are we supposed to turn from?  (Identify at least one thing you personally need to turn from.)
What are we to do when we turn from evil?
What are we to pursue (verse 11) as believers?  Read Matthew 5:9, 2 Corinthians 13:11
What is our motivation to turn from evil, to control our tongue, and to develop the five characteristics in verse 8?
SATURDAY 5/23/20
Read 1 Peter 3:13-17
Pray for the Lord to reveal the meaning of this passage to you.
Apply the scripture to your life.  What is the Lord calling you to do?
Pray for the services Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m.
Drive-In Worship (Weather Permitting) and we will also be Live on facebook@huntsvillefirstbaptist at 11:00 a.m.