A LINE IN THE DIRT: 1 John 2:12-14 12/01/20 – 12/05/20

TUESDAY 12/01/20
John is challenging and encouraging the church to grow spiritually – to be fully committed – and to stand firm!
One of the greatest examples of being fully committed in American history is the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.  Legend states that the commander of the Alamo drew a line in the sand towards the end of a thirteen day siege against the Mexican Army and said that those willing to stay and fight for the Independence of Texas to cross the line knowing this commitment  would mean certain death.  All but one soldier crossed the line committing to give their lives fighting for the Independence if Texas.  Their commitment and death bought Texas enough time to organize and eventually defeat the Mexican Army – 187 to 257 lives fully committed!
Define commitment in your own words.
What are the characteristics of a fully committed follower of Christ?
List at least three men or women in the scripture that displayed this type of commitment.
Spend time praying for a spirit of humility – asking the Lord to develop a desire in your heart to be fully committed.
WEDNESDAY  12/02/20  A LINE IN THE DIRT  1 John 2:12-14
In this passage John addresses three groups of people in the church:  children, young men (and women), fathers (and mothers).
He opens with a statement encompassing all of them – “Little children” – a statement of love and endearment for the body of believers.  In verse 12 he says, “because your sins are forgiven for his name’s sake.”
Explain why forgiveness is the key to our relationship and fellowship with Christ.  (Explain how forgiveness affects each one differently)
What is the meaning of “for his name’s sake”?
Why would he be certain they (us) knew forgiveness was for Christ’s sake and not ours?
Read Psalm 23:3, Psalm 79:9, Isaiah 43:25.
Realizing our sins are “forgiven for His name’s sake” should give us an entirely different perspective on life.
How does it impact your understanding and response in your relationship with Jesus Christ?
Spend time today praying through this verse and asking the Lord to give you greater understanding of this statement and how you should live your life..
THURSDAY  12/03/20  A LINE IN THE DIRT  1 John 2:12-14
In verse 13 John addresses fathers – young men – and children.
When John addresses the fathers, he is identifying those that are spiritually mature in the church.  (men and women)
Describe the characteristics of someone spiritually mature and how important they are to the church and other believers.
Next John addresses the young men of the church – those who are younger in their faith (not by age).  Believers who have overcome the devil through their victory in Christ!
Describe the characteristics and what young believers can bring to the church and the work of the ministry.  (young men (or women) can be of any age; however, are often younger physically.)
John concludes in verse 13 addressing “children” – translated here in the Greek meaning young of age and innocent.
How important is it that churches invest in the lives of children and teenagers?
What is the impact if a church fails to see the value of investing in children?  (to the children, families, the church, the community)
Spend time today praying for a spirit of unity in our church – realizing how the Lord can use us more effectively when all ages work together for the Lord’s glory.
FRIDAY  12/04/20  A LINE IN THE DIRT  1 John 2:12-14
In verse 14 John addresses fathers (mature believers) and young men (those younger in their faith).
To Fathers:  Think of someone who is spiritually mature.  Describe their spiritual maturity.
To the Young Men:  John says three things describing them.
1.  ______________________________________________________
2.  ______________________________________________________
3.  ______________________________________________________
List the three statements he makes about young men and describe their meaning and importance.
Spend time today praying for all ages in our church – uncommon unity – for encouragement – and for the believers of FBC to serve together for the Kingdom of God.
SATURDAY  12/05/20  A LINE IN THE DIRT  1 John 2:12-14
Spend time today praying for First Baptist Church:
  • For the worship services tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. 1 John 2:15-17
  • For safety for our people, their families, and our community as we deal with the virus
  • For the Celebration of the Birth of our Savior – to bring peace and encouragement to our church and salvation       to those who are lost