I want to invite each of you to covenant with me to read through the Old Testament the next 2  years as a church family.  I pray you will join me in this 2 year journey as we read God’s Word together. 
                                                                                                                Pastor Jack McCarty, Senior Pastor


Beginning January 2023
I want to invite each of you to covenant with me to read through the Old Testament the next 2 years as a church family.  I pray you will join me in this 2 years-long journey as we read God’s Word together.
                                                                                                                                           —Rev. Jack McCarty, Senior Pastor
All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.   ———-  2 Timothy 3:16-17


COVID-19 Update: Letter from the Pastor

Church Family,
These are unprecedented times of great uncertainty, fear, and hardship. Never in our life-time have we experienced a situation like this. However, this is not new to the church, since the beginning of the church 2000 years ago years ago there has been struggles and obstacles.
A portion of a quote from C.S. Lewis in the 1940’s encouraging the church during the beginning of the atomic age, “…do not let us begin by exaggerating the novelty of our situation”, referring to crisis mankind has faced over the centuries.
We have “a Living Hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ…” 1 Peter 1:3 ESV  The world needs to hear and we need to be reminded of it.

 Church Online

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We invite you to join us online for Worship services on Sundays at 11:00 am. 

 How Can You Help?

– Trust in God, the Almighty God, our Creator, our Provider!
– Pray for mercy for the sick, strength and protection for doctors, nurses, and others in the medical field.
– Pray for insight for researchers and for wisdom for our officials/governments.
– Look for opportunities to love and care for others.
– Continue to faithfully obey the Lord in your financial tithes & offerings by giving online, text to give to
   84321 or by mail [PO Box 508, Huntsville, AR 72740],
  or by dropping off at the church office in the lock box (located under the awning near the office door.)
– Share the Love of Christ 
Office Hours are 8:30am-4:30pm.Monday-Thursday. Pastors are still on campus, however, doors will be locked. OUR NEW PHONE NUMBER is 479.738.6812 or  you may contact us by email at or @huntsvillefirstbaptist on Facebook. You will normally get a response within an hour.
Pastor Jack
Isaiah 40:31